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This plugin is very simple. Using WordPress built in function to filter element attributes and adding <meta > tags with item properties.

Add human invisible attributes itemprop code to pos, pages and WordPress custom post types.

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How does it work?

  1. There are no options. yet! Since with Admin Options
  2. This assumes that Your page is not fully integrated with HTML5’s data properties for microdata. This plugin will create small code inside Your full content, with extra microdata from This will be ONLY on singular pages – post, page or your custom post type.
  3. Once we are on singular page:
  4. we will extract from it EXCERPT. If You haven’t provided excerpt, plugin will look-up for post content, and downsize it to 170 symbols up to full word. If your content consist ONLY of shortcode, it will strip it out, and leave empty content. :( If we have empty content, from previous step, we will use post title. Not best choice, but at least we have some description. If Your post do not have even title, plugin will give-up and your description will be empty. (This ir very bad :’) )
  5. Other options, like datePublished, UserComments, url are taken from post


NEW in 3.3.0

  • itemprop=”review”

NEW in 3.1

  • itemprop=”description”

NEW in 3.0

  • new: context, without context for SEO this plugin was somehow useless. We FIXED it ;)
  • new: itemprop=”name”
  • new: itemprop=”url”
  • new: itemprop=”image”
  • new: itemprop=”author”
  • new: itemprop=”datePublished”
  • new: “UserComments:325″ itemprop=”interactionCount”

Source / Download

This plugin grew up from these two snippets:

Source for development and early beta’s:

  • GitHub –


Thank You for Donations!

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Currently the best yet easy to use WordPress Plugin

Currently the best yet easy to use WordPress Plugin. Everything automatic.