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Qualitative and Professional WordPress web development

Custom WordPress programming: starting from small blog to large social networks

WordPress web development

We are developing WordPress plugins to optimize WordPress site and create WordPress themes to differentiate Your site from competitors.



Almost all of our works are based on web development best practices and we have developed our WordPress framework code, which we implement in clients sites.




If You want Your very own social network, You can make it with BuddyPress. As growing demand for private social networks, this is ideal for Your company or even product.




BbPress ir forum software working on WordPress websites. Customized WordPress' forum can do that!



  • have excellent back-end experience with Wordpress, BuddyPress and bbPress
  • have good communication skills and strong Ethical code
  • have Strong front-end experience with HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • are familiar with common development tools, like Git, SVN, ticketing systems
  • have Development experience in a startup environment
  • have experience in SEO
  • are able to speak and write English, Russian, Latvian, Danish and basic German
  • ... and are self-employed freelancer(s)

featured WordPress plugin

Itemprop WP

Add human invisible attributes itemprop code to pos, pages and WordPress custom post types. (2011)